Online Particle Size Analyzers Solutions

PSS has been providing online particle size analyzers solutions since 1990. Both the Nicomp DLS and AccuSizer SPOS systems are available as online process monitors.

The online Nicomp DLS systems are installed mostly in pharmaceutical plants where 100% monitoring of nanoparticle production provides certainty that the entire batch meets specification. The particle size output is also used to control process variables like homogenizer operating pressure.

AccuSizer SPOS online particle size analyzers

The AccuSizer SPOS online particle size analyzers include the Mini and Tower systems used for CMP slurry monitoring and the 780 online systems for particle size analyzer and count of suspensions in various industries. The online AccuSizer excels at finding those few large particles that cause problems in process or is detrimental to product quality. Our unique autodilution modules reduce the concentration to the optimum level to eliminate coincidence errors while still counting enough particles to completely define the particle size analyzers distribution.

PSS Online Particle Size Analyzers