Liquid Particle Counters

The AccuSizer product family are high resolution, wide dynamic range liquid particle counters available in multiple configurations. With 16-1024 size channels, extinction + scattering sensor options, innovative fluidics and sophisticated control software the AccuSizer is the most advanced liquid particle counter available.

The AccuSizer SIS uses a syringe to deliver an accurate volume of sample through the sensor for analysis.  The AccuSizer SIS is designed for pharmaceutical applications including USP <788>  and <787> testing for sub visible particles but provides higher sensitivity and resolution than various older technologies.  Sample volumes as low as 150 µL can be recovered at the end of analysis.

The AccuSizer A2000 is a general purpose liquid particle counter for a wide range of contamination applications. Samples can be analyzed without dilution with the one pump configuration or a second pump can be added to provide automatic dilution of high con-centration samples. This compact liquid particle counter is ideal for analyzing oils up to 100 cP, water or solvents.

The AccuSizer A2000CMS is designed for high throughput analysis of oils following ISO 4406 or other industry standards. As many as 90 samples can be loaded into trays and all measurements and data reporting is completely automated. Sensor calibration per ISO11171is standard. Up to 200 samples/day is possible with multiple analyses of each sample.