Older style particle counters like the Hiac have been used for decades to determine particle size and concentration. Hiac type systems have been successfully used to count particles in oil, water, and parenteral drugs. Typical applications of Hiac liquid particle counters include:

  • Particle count in hydraulic oil ; ISO 4406, NAS 1638, SAE AS4059D
  • Particle count in large and small volume parenteral drugs per USP<788>
  • Parts cleaning operations
  • Particle count in fuel oil
  • Particle count in drinking water

All of these applications can be performed at higher resolution using the PSS Accusizer 780. Benefits of using the Accusizer 780 include:

  • Higher resolution results in 512 unique channels
  • Automatic sample dilution
  • Controlled by PC based software
  • Newer sensor design to improve accuracy
  • Wider dynamic range sensors
    • 0.5-400 µm
    • 2.0-1000 µm
    • 5.0-2500 µm

The Accusizer 780 provides updated technology over the Hiac particle counter technique along with excellent reliability and technical support.