AccuSizer Replaces Laser Diffraction

A customer purchased a Nicomp and AccuSizer SIS to cover the broadest range of samples possible.

A supplier used a laser diffraction method to define the particle size distribution of a powder.

The customer wanted to confirm the incoming PSD using the AccuSizer SIS.

Just dropping the powder into water – AccuSizer result = 3 x LD result.

PSS worked with the customer to develop the optimum dispersion technique.

Included surfactant and ultrasonic probe studies.

The results are now close enough to tract and confirm the LD results, but at higher resolution.

AccuSizer SIS from Customer Lab

AccuSizer Replaces Laser Diffraction -Accusizer SIS From Customer Lab

Volume Distribution Result from AccuSizer for Powder Dispersed in Water

PSS-Volume Distribution Result

Should I comment on differences? LD spreads distribution?

LD D10 lower because of both spreading & smaller lower limit?

Should note would have been easier w/AD system?