FoamScan and FoamSpin

FoamScan and FoamSpin: Foams made easy

Whether you are trying to create foam or prevent foam Teclis has the instrument for you. The FoamScan® and FoamSpin® instruments by Teclis were developed to quantify foaming in liquids. Foam is generated under controlled conditions and is measured in real time. How much foam is formed and how fast it disappears is quantitatively determined. In addition, the amount of liquid trapped in the foam can be measured. An additional analysis options include the measurement of foam cell size, distribution, and evolution over time.

The FoamScan creates foam by injecting a gas into the liquid. The persistence of the generated foam can also be determined by measuring variation in it its volume, density and drainage rate. During sample analysis the rising foam is captured by a video camera and conductivity measurements are taken by electrodes. The data is analyzed and foam volume and conductivity is displayed in real time plots. Other real time values that are calculated include: volume of liquid trapped in the foam, foam density, Bikerman index, volume and liquid stability of the foam, coefficient of expansion, and foaming capacity.

The FoamSpin allows foam to be formed by mechanically stirring the sample rather than by air injection. Blades in the sample chamber produce foam by turn at speeds up to 6000 rpm.

Click here to watch a short video on the FoamScan and FoamSpin instruments.


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