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FoamScan and FoamSpin

FoamScan and FoamSpin: Foams made easy Whether you are trying to create foam or prevent foam Teclis has the instrument for you. The FoamScan® and FoamSpin® instruments by Teclis were developed to quantify foaming in liquids. Foam is generated under controlled conditions and is measured in real time. How much foam is formed and how…


Tracker Are you using the right surfactant? There is a better way to formulate. Want to measure ALL surface properties using just one instrument? The Teclis Tracker™ is an automated drop tensiometer that can measure variations in surface tension or interfacial tension over time at multiple interfaces. Contact angle measurements of a liquid against a…

Foam Analysis

Charcterization of Foams After years of working with customers on different problems, Teclis has developed a range of instruments to quantify foaming. These instruments generate foam under controlled conditions and measure in real time how much foam forms over time and how fast it disappears once foam generation has stopped. The quantity of liquid trapped in…