Nicomp 380 Online

Nicomp 380 Online

The ability to monitor a manufacturing process to ensure a proper end point is critical to not only producing a quality product but to do so without waste.

An unmonitored process is a sure pathway to lost product, downtime, and reduced profits. Particle based systems are common to our lives (in foods, medicines, cosmetics, paints). All of the efforts in nanoparticle research have blossomed into an array of manufactured products. Critical to these nanoparticle dispersions is particle size and critical to reaching a proper end point is monitoring particle size.

Special trending graphs in the software can be used to set out-of-control (OOC) limits which will signal operators when the end point is reached. Autodilution allows even concentrated materials like paints to be monitored. An Online SPOS capability can be added for online monitoring of oversized particles .Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS) is already established as the go-to technology for sizing nanoparticles. The Nicomp 380 OL system couples a compact optics bench with our unique Autodilution fluidics all ruggedized for the production environment. This system can be used to monitor the homogenization of emulsions to the grinding of inks. It is small enough to be integrated with any nanoparticle process, providing real time particle size distributions.

The data shown below was collected by the Nicomp 380 online system to control a homogenizer used in the production of nanoparticles for drug delivery. The first graph plots the pressure-size relationship with size on the left Y axis and pressure on the right Y axis.  As seen by the trend line curve fit, the response of size to pressure is ~9 nm per 1,000 psig.

PSS-Relationship Between Operating Pressure and Droplet Size

The next plot shows size vs. pressure during a production run where the size was originally slightly smaller than the desired 100 nm specification, so the pressure was reduced to increase the average size to the desired range.

PSS-Online DLS Relationship Between Operating Pressure and Droplet Size


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Download Application Note 718 Nanoparticles for Drug Delivery