The Nicomp dynamic light scattering (DLS) system measures particles size and generates results as Gaussian or multi-modal distributions using the unique Nicomp algorithm that remains the most advanced for accurately separating close bimodals and native populations from aggregate tails.  Add zeta potential analysis to measure dispersion stability. The Nicomp measures both in frequency and phase analysis light scattering (PALS) modes for increased sensitivity. The zeta potential dip cell design keeps the applied voltage lower than other systems, reducing Joule heating, extending cell lifetime, and providing thousands of stable results.

Click here or the image above to watch a short introduction to the Nicomp DLS

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The sections below provide additional information on the Nicomp DLS and zeta potential systems.

Nicomp 380 Online

Nicomp 380 Online The ability to monitor a manufacturing process to ensure a proper end point is critical to not only producing a quality product but to do so without waste. An unmonitored process is a sure pathway to lost product, downtime, and reduced profits. Particle based systems are common to our lives (in foods,…

Nicomp ZLS Z3000

PSS-Nicomp 380 Online 2Nicomp ZLS Z3000 Click the image above to watch the zeta potential theory and measurements presentation The Nicomp ZLS Z3000 combines the top-of-the line Dynamic Light Scattering  (DLS) sizing capability with both frequency and phase analysis light scattering (PALS) zeta potential analysis. This combination creates a multi-tool platform for the full characterization of nano-dispersion and…

Nicomp N3000

Nicomp N3000 Click the image above to watch a short introduction to the Nicomp DLS system The Nicomp N3000 is a nanoparticle size analyzer. It is based on the well-known technique of Dynamic Light Scattering or DLS . Dynamic Light Scattering is an ideal method for sizing proteins, colloids, emulsions, nanoparticles, CMPs, inkjet inks,and a…