Online CMP Monitors

PSS offers two solutions for online CMP slurry monitoring; the AccuSizer FX Point of Use (POU) system, and the FX Tower system. Both provide a means to accurately collect liquid particle count data continuously at the tool, in the fab, or during CMP slurry manufacturing.

AccuSizer FX Mini

Bring a line of CMP slurry to the PX POU system and we will automate particle size & concentration measurements based on your application requirements. Full automation delivers results when/where you want them.

Real time particle count and size

Utilizes new, patented FX focused beam sensor optics

FX Nano sensor extends lower limit to 0.15 µm

Concentration to millions particles/mL

Measures most slurries without dilution

High sensitivity, accuracy, resolution

Easy to place and integrate into your manufacturing operation

Allows you to react before slurry problems causes harm

AccuSizer FX Tower

Same advanced technology and benefits as the POU system

But mutliplexing allows for monitoring of multiple lines with a single analyzer

Portable self contained system

Alarms to warn of CMP slurry health problems

Multiple fluidics configurations available for your specific manufacturing plant

Ideal for large fabs with multiple CMP slurry lines

Great statistical accuracy

Why online? The well documented link between poor slurry health and reduced yields makes the economics of online monitoring easy to understand. A few large particles causing scratches can reduce yields and profits. Basing filter replacement on actual particle size/count data saves money on expensive filters while helping to assure high quality slurry is delivered to the polisher.

Why single particle optical (SPOS) sizing? High resolution particle size + concentration - detects the tails of the distribution that harms the CMP process.

Why PSS AccuSizer? Because CMP slurry manufacturers and users around the world have standardized on this as the technique and systems that provide the highest quality data that really detects the problem causing tails of distributions.

Request the CMP slurry tails application note.