AccuSizer Autosampler

The AccuSizer Autosampler has been designed to meet the needs of applications where higher throughput or repetitive analyses are required. The AccuSizer Autosampler is compatible with all of the various AccuSizer and Nicomp system configurations, including A7000 series AD (Autodilution), APS (Automatic Particle Sizer), SIS (Syringe Injection Sampler, and the Nicomp N3000 series Dynamic Light Scattering systems. PSS also offers the AccuSizer A7000 Series Autosampler, a standalone sampling system that is available with an integrated SIS, AD, and DI (Direct Inject Sampler) fluidics configurations. All of these systems are controlled by PSS software packages each specifically designed to meet the rigors of the individual fluidics systems and applications that they address.

AccuSizer Autosampler Design

The AccuSizer Autosampler is engineered using the same modular design approach as our other products providing the flexibility of matching our capability modules to the specific needs of our customer’s applications. The system can be configured with optional single point and multipoint stirring systems that can stir all of the samples simultaneously. An optional Peltier controlled temperature rack is also available for small samples that need to be at a controlled temperature while awaiting analysis.

AccuSizer A7000 ASI-0077-Pssnicomp

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