AccuSizer Mini for CMP Monitoring

The AccuSizer Mini is used around the world for online particle size analysis of CMP slurries      

Let us look at your sample and we will help you select the optimum system configuration specific for your application. The AccuSizer Mini is engineered using a modular design approach that allows us to match sensors and fluidics options to customer slurries and process equipment. Many samples can be measured continuously without dilution, see Figure 1 below. Some samples require dilution for maximum sensitivity to large particle counts (LPC). A variety of custom, patented autodilution modules assure that the perfect sample state is delivered to the sensor for measurement. A range of sensors operating at focused size ranges and concentration limits utilizing the Single Particle Optical Sizing (SPOS) technique provide the highest accuracy results. The pulse height analyzer generates high resolution results in up to 512 size channels - including up to 32 user defined size channels so customers can report results at their preferred specification points. The system is controlled by a built-in Windows touch PC.

The AccuSizer Mini generates the highest accuracy and resolution results quickly, and at count rates higher than any other technology. This creates LPC and tail results with the best statistical accuracy - detecting the few large particles that will hurt your yield rates, see Figure 2 below with LPC concentration levels near 1 million/mL during a pump failure.

Figure 1: No dilution ceria CMP result


Figure 2: LPC vs. time online AccuSizer results


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