AccuSizer Dry Powder System (DPS)

The AccuSizer DPS (Dry Powder System) SPOS system measures particles size utilizing a sensor, counter, and powder feeder combination. The sensor is based on light extinction. The counter is a DPS Dry Powder Systemfast, multi-channel pulse height analyzer than can report results in up to 512 size bins. The dry powder feeder module delivers the sample to the sensor directly with automatic feed rate adjustments to avoid coincidence errors.

The AccuSizer DPS provides for fully automatic operation utilizing the AccuSizer DPS Software package.  The system can also be controlled by manual input into the program, or by manual entry on the module keypad. The AccuSizer DPS features an integrated vacuum system for sample dispersion which is protected by an easily replaceable HEPA filter cartridge. Complete sample analysis can typically be accomplished in less than 5 minutes; this includes cleaning. Air flow can be controlled to change the shear forces applied to the particle stream to optimize particle de-agglomeration. In cases where no shear forces are required simple gravity can be used to drop the particles through the sensing zone.

Results from the AccuSizer DPS correlate well with sieve analysis, but are quicker and higher resolution.

The standard configuration for the AccuSizer DPS is with a 20-2,500 micron range AccuSizer Light Extinction sensor, providing high resolution over the entire range of measurements. Talk with your local PSS representative about your application and we can suggest the best combination for your specific requirements.

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