Accusizer 7000 SIS

Accusizer 7000 SIS

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The AccuSizer SIS; the most advanced liquid particle counter for USP <787>, <788>, and <789> testing.    

The USP-788  test is used to determine if injectable fluids and drugs are free of contamination from particles greater than 10 and 25 microns. This test has been ensuring the safety of America’s drugs for decades and the Accusizer 780 SIS is an outstanding tool for performing these tests.

The Accusizer 780 SIS utilizes the technique of Single Particle Optical Sensing (SPOS) also known as light obscuration to size particles in the range of 0.5 to 400 microns. It uses a simple syringe pump to pull accurate and precise aliquots of sample through the light obscuration sensor. The Accusizer 780 SIS provides a cost effective tool that will bring the exceptional resolution, sensitivity and detail that the SPOS technique is known into your laboratory.

The AccuSizer 780 SIS can be configured with either one or two sensors when used to perform USP <787> testing. The one sensor configuration meets all requirements and can measure sample volumes as low as 150 µL. The two sensor configuration can measure down to 150 nm in order to better understand protein aggregation phenomenon.


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Visit the Download Center to download the AccuSizer flyer and Application Note 706 on USP <788> testing