Measure Protein Size and Aggregation

The Nicomp DLS and the AccuSizer SPOS systems are frequently used to measure the size, aggregation, and surface charge (zeta potential) of proteins.

The Nicomp DLS system has the sensitivity to measure monomers, dimers, and trimers at small sizes and at low concentration – including lysozyme at 01. mg/mL.

AccuSizer SIS system can be used to measure to measure protein aggregation per the new USP <787> test. The dual sensor AccuSizer FX Nano system is the only optical particle counter capable of measuring protein size and count down to 0.150 µm using only 100 µL of sample.

Read the sections below to learn more about these protein applications.

Protein Aggregation Size and Concentration Analyzer

AccuSizer SIS for USP 788, 787 TestingThe new PSS AccuSizer FX Nano system is a single particle optical sizing system (SPOS) designed to work at the smaller particle sizes and at higher concentrations required to quantify protein SIS FX Two Sensor Sampler Image No Coilaggregation.

Using DLS to characterize protein stability

Using DLS to characterize protein stability The ability to characterize proteins will become increasingly important as the study of the human genome leads to the discovery of proteins with therapeutic properties or with actions involving specific diseases. Bovine Serum Albumin (BSA) is a protein with a molecular weight of 69,000 Daltons that is commonly used…

Multi-angle DLS helps measure protein aggregation

Multi-angle DLS helps measure protein aggregation A variety of new pharmaceutical preparations of protein-based drugs have been made commercially available in recent years. Being complicated macromolecules, proteins tend to undergo a variety of interactions between molecules and within the same molecule. Such interactions lead to de-naturation and aggregation, changes to the protein particle size distribution…