Particle Size and Count of Microbubbles

The AccuSizer is the most common instrument used to measure the size and concentration of microbubbles used in a variety of applications including contrast agents and targeted drug delivery. Microbubbles can also be used to treat thrombosis and vascular plaques. The particle size of the microbubbles is a critical physical characteristic, with a size of typically 1 – 5 µm.
Particle Size and Count of Microbubbles

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Microbubbles Defined

Microbubbles Defined Microbubbles are used in medical diagnostics as a contrast agent for ultrasound imaging and as drug delivery vehicles. The size range of microbubbles is typically in the 1-5 µm range, preferably with a narrow size distribution. In order to enhance the stability of microbubbles they are typically encapsulated in a shell composed of…