Liquid Filter Testing

What is Liquid Filter Testing

Filtration is the process of separating solids from fluids. In the case of liquid filtration testing, the goal is to remove solid particles from a liquid. The original fluid is called the feed and the fluid that passes through the filter is called the filtrLiquid Filter Testingate (as shown right).

Liquid Filter Testing Process

 Since filtration is the process of removing particles from a fluid, particle counters are a tool frequently used to test the functioning of the filter. The feed and the filtrate are measured with a liquid particle counter such as the PSS AccuSizer. Since the feed is typically at much higher concentration that the filtrate, dilution is typically necessary, but an accurate concentration value is required to calculate the filter efficiency. The AccuSizer is available in several configurations depending on the size of the particles to be analyzed and the extend of dilution required.

AccuSizer 780 APS results before (blue) and after passing through a 5 (red) and 2 (green) micron filter are shown below right.

The tabular results from this experiment are shown below left.



An aqueous sample was analyzed on the AccuSizer APS before and after a 2 µm filter. The results are shown below.