High resolution particle size analysis

High resolution particle size analysis

“Most particle size analyzers can’t resolve the details in both the main peak and the tail end of my distribution, but the AccuSizer can.”

Liquid Particle Counters

“We can’t fix what we can’t see! That’s why we need a reliable – and sensitive – single particle sizer to show us the differences between good and bad products.”

CMP slurry monitoring

“LPC’s ruin my final product, costing me time and money. But it’s impossible to detect these outliers using my current particle size analyzer. The AccuSizer is the solution to my problem.”


The Nicomp was specifically designed to measure nano-sized particles as well as other colloidal systems.  From approximately 0.5 nanometers to 6 microns the Nicomp has been the DLS instrument of choice for researchers   and top notch scientists for over 30 years.


The AccuSizer detects one particle at a time  eliminating missed particles and providing accurate particle size and count information.  The AccuSizer is the cornerstone of a modular set of instruments that offers a series of wide dynamic range sensors that can be combined with a various sample delivery systems ranging from a simple syringe injection sampler to a fully automated particle size analyzer.



DLS systems for submicron particle size and zeta potential analysis. High resolution Nicomp analysis with autodilution.


CMP Slurry Monitors

The best sensitivity to large particle counts (LPC) in either the laboratory or online. Detect the large particle tails that reduce yield.


Zeta Potential

Measure of the charge on the surface of particles and emulsions droplets. Used to formulate products for enhanced stability.


Online Particle Size Analyzers

Now perform particle size analysis in the process using either DLS or SPOS. Advanced autodilution fluidics designed for your process.


Liquid Particle Counters

Detect particulate contamination in oil, water and parenterals. The widest dynamic range sensors and highest resolution counters.



High resolution particle size analyzer based on single particle optical sizing (SPOS). Range of sensors and samplers for specific applications.


Case Studies

AccuSizer Replaces Laser Diffraction

A customer purchased a Nicomp and AccuSizer SIS to cover the broadest range of samples possible.


CMP Filter Replacement

The customer installed the AccuSizer Mini online particle size analyzer utilizing the FX sensor downstream of the filter in the supply line




Customers from several industries with different sample types have successfully implemented the PSS Autosampler to automate particle size and count measurements of up to 40 samples/hour.


Online DLS

This customer was creating an emulsion in a precursor step to manufacture nanoparticles for drug delivery.