What’s Happening?


Protein Society Week

Dr. David Nicoli presented, “Counting and Sizing Protein Aggregates Down to 0.15 um in Sub-mL Samples Using New Focused Beam SPOS Technology.”,  at the Protein Society luncheon held Friday, January 17th in Palm Springs, CA.


PittCon 2014

PSS is exhibiting at PittCon 2014 in Chicago.  We are located at booths 1916 and 2016.  Come see what is new and how our new products can help with your particle sizing applications.

On Tuesday, March 4th Dr. Patrick O’Hagan will be hosting a Poster Session entitled, “Counting and Sizing Aggregates Down to 0.15 Microns Using New Focused Beam Light Scattering Technology.”  Please come to the back of aisles 1000 to 2500 to locate our site.  Dr. O’Hagan will be happy to discuss and answer any questions that you may have concerning his poster.


PSS Partners

PSS has teamed up with one innovative company who provides unique analytical instruments and techniques. Their complimentary techniques allow the user to not only size particles but determine shape and other morphological properties, quantify foaming, and measure surface tension and surface area. Be sure to check out our partner. They may have the solution to your particle problem.